Infographic: Hands-Free is Not Risk-Free in Distracted Driving

Liz Slocum Jensen · May 4, 2016

When I discuss distracted driving, I hear from a lot of people who say that they currently use a speech-to-text method to read and dictate their message while they drive. In 2013, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released research finding that this type of cognitive distraction is more hazardous than talking on the phone hands-free or listening to the radio. Using speech-to-text technology can create up to a 25% delayed reaction. So if you think that your current hands-free system in the car is safe, think again. The Road Rules Android app works by taking care of your messages for you on the road so that you can just drive.

Check out our infographic below for details on how various activities in the car cause distractions.

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